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Who are we and why should you care?


CTRL — (“Control” without the nonsense, but you already knew that)


CTRL is all about one two words: Escape Rooms


If you don’t know what an escape room is, it’s a challenge in which a team tries to escape a room by finding clues and solving puzzles. If you still don’t know what an escape room is, here is a link to good ol’ Wikipedia.


If you already know what an escape room is (and you’re still reading) then you may be wondering why CTRL is different. CTRL is about taking escape rooms to the next level by organizing tournaments where teams compete against each other. After all, this is the U.S.A. and we don’t just want to do things for fun, we want to know who the best of the best is...and also win prizes and bragging rights.


Here is CTRL’s vision. Teams will organize themselves and sign up for a head-to-head, bracket style tournament. At each round every team will escape identical rooms. The fastest teams move on to the next round and eliminate their opponents. Each round will feature a new escape room which no team has seen before, so they can show off their problem solving skills all over again. So on and so forth, until we have a winning team...who obviously wins the best prize (good ones too, nothing like that weird candy your teacher would give you to try and get you to participate).


We have bigger plans in store, but this is where we’re at right now. Thanks for reading.

*Feel free to reach out to us for partnership and collaboration opportunities*

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